Specialist Classes

1. Full Bodymap

Length: 3 x 5 + 1 x 2 days if small group (max 10) – 3 x 6 days (over 10 – max 20) + 1 x 2 days
Prerequisite: You can only attend if you have passed the exams from Practitioner training and in process of writing your theisis and being in ongoing Bodynamic therapy and supervision. The training will finish with a Full Bodymap testing exam.

In the Practitioner training student’s learn and are examined in finding, reading and using 125 muscles in the body.
This specialist training is only addressed to Bodynamic Practitioners. It is an essential training for practitioners that want to be Bodynamic Analysts.

You will be taught how to understand the unique Evidence based knowledge of each muscle, groups of muscles, cohesion and function.
You will be taught how to use the Bodymap in your work.

You will be taught how to work regressively and into early issues with your clients.

It will be possible to work more structured and long-term with clients and travel through doors into the inner room that is before consciousness. Full Bodymap gives opportunity to find the hidden and forgotten resources, The Path to Chaos and trauma work.

You will be taught how to give clients greater understanding of forgotten potential, patterns and reactions and observe how it changes over time.

Have you had cases where you should have special attention to PTSD?
Have you had cases with an, appear to be well-functioning client, that there is chaos underneath?
Have you had client that has diffuse stress, or with a client with physical damages / permanent injuries and has a need for strengthen equivalent alternative skills?

In the course there will be presented and trained the individual muscles anatomical place, movement, function and the way to test, as well as the individual participants ability to sense, evaluate and decide the test answer.

2. Reorienting Birth for professionals

Length: – 4 days + 4 days follow up.
(Previously called Rebirthing for Professionals)

All kinds of stress/ shock are connected with birth, as it is the first time a person have a rush of Adrenaline and every shock we go into this memory from birth. A rush of adrenaline is normally only produces in situations with a very high intensity of energy, as in highly dangerous or fatal situations and during high stress (in both what we describe as good and bad stress). Because of this very high level of adrenaline, we say that an imprint is made and not a code. On account of this, later situations with high level of adrenaline /stress-shock-peak) will have a tendency to activate the behavioral patterns that were imprinted in birth.

Format for Working with Redoing Birth in Groups

1: At this course form working groups and at the course do the different stages 1-6 and get supervision by the teacher.

2: At the course teacher makes demoes around each stage of birth and a full rebirth.

3: Train the stages in the groups at the course and after.

4: Do the complete rebirth in the groups.

5: Share the experience and work at the follow-up workshop.

First 4 days: Go through the 6 stages of birth and birth complications in theory and practice.

The 6 stages are:
1: Start – the time before (a week before)
2: Soft Birth – first stage labor; the stage of expansion.
3: Transition Stage – transition between first-stage labor pains and second labors pains, which moves the uterus in different ways.
4: Hard Labor – second labor pains
5: Delivery
6: The First Days After – just after the delivery and days after birth.

The teacher will make demo’s of every stage and the student’s practice on each other’s supervised by teacher.

Second 4 day’s: 
1: Sharing of experience’s with participant’s training of the 6 steps and doing rebirthing in groups.
2: Information around pregnancy and working with pregnant woman.

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