Bodynamic International is an innovative organization that specializes in creating projects and programs to address specific needs in the realm of human psychology. We collaborate with various organizations and partners to bring our unique expertise to a wide range of contexts. Our projects are diverse, such as working with refugees in humanitarian crises, engaging in conflict resolution efforts in post-Yugoslavia, and facilitating team-building for businesses. With a track record of successful projects and programs, Bodynamic International is committed to making a positive impact in the world.

Past and Ongoing Projects:


To partner with us and benefit from our unique understanding, interested individuals and organizations can contact us through our website or email ( By partnering with us, individuals and organizations can gain access to our extensive knowledge in the field of somatic developmental psychology, which can help them better understand and address the physical, emotional, and psychological needs of their stakeholders. Our partnerships are built on mutual trust and respect, and we strive to work collaboratively to achieve shared goals. Through our partnerships, we aim to promote holistic healing and well-being in individuals and communities.