The process of returning to civilian life might begin with the decision to end the service or to go home – in case of a volunteer battalion. However, while the body returns home, our mind might take a long time to integrate the experiences of war and to learn how to live at peace with ourselves and people around us. This process is often complex and manifests itself as insomnia, impulsiveness, excessive aggression, loss of interest in the profession
(or other familiar activities) that the person engaged in before the war, depression, and lack of enjoyment in life.

Exercises and techniques described in this guidebook are intended to serve as the instruments to solve these problems.

The guidebook is written by the veterans for the veterans, and everyone touched by the war.

This guidebook provides the basic theory and principles of trauma work. The presented approach was developed by the Institute of Bodynamic over the last 40 years and is used in countries suffering from war hostilities (Balkans, Israel, Palestine, some African countries) and in countries where veterans organize communities and actively seek effective strategies for psychological recovery (Denmark, USA).

The Bodynamic method (body-oriented psychotherapy) has been widely used in the Ukrainian veterans’ community since 2015. The method’s effectiveness is supported by ongoing empirical research.

You will learn what self-regulation skills are, and receive step-by-step instructions on how to use them. These exercises and techniques are tested and effective for people who have suffered psychological trauma.

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Local Resources for Refugees listing by Country and finding Bodynamic Therapists


The Association of Bodynamic Psychology has created an Emergency Ukraine Support Committee to support Ukrainian people caught in the current conflict.

If you wish to get involved and support please contact the following Committee members:

  • Arijana Lukic – arijana@bodynamic.com (Youtube and video exercises with translation coordination)
  • Maryna – marinaluken@gmail.com (Coordination of Therapy)
  • Patricia Graul – graul@panambi.de (Coordination of Safe Places and Organizations for Refugees)