The development of Narcissism from a body-oriented perspective
The role of early attachment in the development of Narcissism

Workshop with Michael Rupp
Now Online via Zoom

January 30 – 31, 2021.   £150

In this workshop we will be exploring, using Bodynamic principles, how failure in bonding and co-regulation in infancy and early childhood can elicit in the child a survival defense, disconnecting them from their own body, their core self also called Body Ego.

This leads to the development of a self, devoid of deeper sensations feelings and self-value and the creation of a kind of “empty shell” or armor.

It is precisely this empty shell, and the inner meaninglessness and even desperation as well as the absence of intrinsic self-value that lie at the core of the narcissistic personality.

The Bodynamic approach offers us, in this context, a detailed description of the psychomotoric development based on the Character Structure model and points us towards effective practical treatment and sustainable therapeutic work with narcissistic personality.

During this workshop we will “travel back”, with the help of specifically designed exercises, through the early stages of our development and reconnect with the deeper dimensions of self-experience in relation to sensing, feeling and movement.

All exercises will be done with a partner or within the group to enable us to make new, healing experiences through congruent mirroring. In this way we will be able to reconnect ourselves deeply to other people outside as well as to our inside (to our body ego and center).

We will use specific movement patterns from the relevant age levels to activate fascia and muscles especially around the heart and belly center to regain access to our natural resources.

Apart from self-experience there will be a short theoretical introduction into the early stages of development as well as into the corresponding narcissistic structures.

Venue: Online via Zoom

Time Zone: London, UK

To secure your seat pay either the deposit or the fee by contacting Prahlad, Bodynamic UK Coordinator, email: