Managing high stress levels

With Ditte Marcher
13 – 15 November 2019

at Terapia, Finchley Central, North London.

The presentation of Body Reading will open the workshop the first day.

Ditte will start by presenting this essential Bodynamic tool, utilizing a deep understanding of psycho-motor development to recognize the implicit messages held in peoples posture, movement or constriction of movement with a particular reference to stress and shock.

The two following days will expand the understanding with a presentation of the Bodynamic perspective on managing overwhelm trapped in the body as a consequence of trauma and PTSD.

 An introduction to the material largely explored in the Bodynamic Shock Trauma training.

With a combination of lecture and experiential exercises Ditte will guide the class to explore and experience aspect of working with four of the eleven the Ego Functions:   Energy Management, Boundary, Grounding and Centering which are directly affected from shock trapped in the body.

Students will gain insights and practical intervention to use themselves and, in their practice.

This workshop offers an unmissable wealth of tools, some to be embodied as a practitioner and others to work effectively with your clients when it comes to intense disregulation of the Nervous System.


£350 of which £180 non-refundable deposit

£320 early bird when paid by October 1st, 2019


The workshop will be staring at 9,30am and finish at 5pm the three days.

For further information and bookings please contact [email protected]

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