Deepening Understanding of Character Structures Through Ego Functions – 2024 With Ditte Marcher

I have received requests to host a series of evenings dedicated to an in-depth exploration of various character structures using ego functions. These sessions will feature activities that blend movement with cognitive exercises. Over seven evenings, we’ll dedicate four hours to each character structure. Participants should already be familiar with these structures, as we’ll delve into more advanced aspects. Each evening will include a one-hour lecture, one hour of exercises, an hour for questions and answers, and an hour for integration. The first session will focus on existence, and we will conclude with solidarity and performance.

These sessions will be recorded, and Bodynamic will reserve the rights to utilize them for future e-learning purposes.

Participants must commit to all seven sessions, which will take place on Wednesdays.

Prerequisites: Foundation training

Dates in 2024:

April 24
May 29
June 19
July 3
September 25
October 16
December 4

Regular Price: 800 Euros

Early Bird Price: 550 Euros until February 5, 2024

Location: Online

Time: CET 18:00-22:00

Registration: Please contact Yorgos Piaditis at

Course Outline:

  1. April 24 – Theme: Existence. A deeper exploration of affirming one’s right to exist as a spiritual, energetic, and emotional being.
  2. May 29 – Theme: Need. Integrating inner rhythm with issues around food and contact.
  3. June 19 – Theme: Autonomy. Deepening the ability to seek help without losing one’s identity.
  4. July 3 – Theme: Will. Balancing personal power without disconnecting from others.
  5. September 25 – Theme: Love and Sexuality. Working on maintaining a connection between the heart and the genitals.
  6. October 16 – Theme: Opinion. Learning to distinguish emotions from opinions.
  7. December 4 – Theme: Solidarity and Performance. Developing the ability to stand out, take leadership, and effectively integrate into a group.

We will address and explore these topics during the seven evenings.