Archetypes I

International training in Amsterdam
June 1-5 & October 26-30, 2022

How do you create an archetype personality towards others and the world? What you show others and what you want others to see can be two different things.

Which core decision are you protecting that are more important to you than being met and feeling connected with others?

How do you protect these inner core decisions and how could you find the door to get into these deep places within yourself?

Core decisions are like burn marks deep within your system that not only lie in your coding system but as a deep imprint. Both your external presentation and your internal wishes are illusions and also take you out of balance. How do we start finding a path of not being seduced into either heaven or hell and instead keep the balance not in innocence and ignorance, but in wisdom and surrender?

In this workshop we will work with the outer and inner personality archetypes that we have created through our ego-states and travel to find one or more of our core decisions and our illusions to overcome in ourselves. We will do this with body exercises, cognitive work, using endarkments and group work.

Prerequisite Recommendations:

We recommend in order to have a fuller experience of this training, that you attended at a minimum either the Bodynamic Foundation Training or Bodynamic Shock and Trauma Training.

Workshop duration 2X5 days, 10-17:00 with lunch break 13-14:30

Date: 1-5 June 2022 and 26-30 October 2022


de Roos
PC Hooftstraat 183
1071 BW Amsterdam
020 – 689 00 81

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  • With tax of 21% 1815,- eur

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Stichting Bodynamic Bongweg
47 3192 NA Rotterdam The Netherlands
Account number/IBAN: NL55INGB0008173317

The full amount will be refunded for cancellations within 30 days of the start of the workshop.

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This unique workshop is open for max 14 participants.

Language: English

About the trainer,  Ditte Marcher

Born in 1959. Daughter of the founder of Bodynamic, Lisbeth Marcher. She is a member of Bodynamic since 1994. She did the full Analytic training that she finished in 1995 and choose to be trained to be a teacher in Bodynamic. She is a therapist and supervisor. She is one of the creators of Bodynamic’s shock approach. She influenced Bodynamic deeply with the concepts of Dignity, Me and the different layers of feelings.

She has been teaching in foundation trainings since 1995 and has been a senior teacher in practitioner trainings since 2003. She has been teaching Bodynamic’s trainings in US, Canada, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Japan, Greece, Netherlands, Denmark and Brazil. She was the CEO of Bodynamic International from 2008 to 2019.

She also has and still doing a variety of workshops and business consulting. From 1986-1992 she was working in war zones with children in crisis, mainly in Palestine, Lebanon and Israel. From 1994-1998 she was working as a consultant for the police in Denmark and Sweden for cases of young criminals. In the same period she was trainer for the teachers of AMU centers that upgrade education of unemployed workers. She was also one of the main teachers in a two-year program, teaching young adults how to be project leaders. In 1999 she was doing workshops in Seattle and Vancouver for police and fire departments for better handling communication during crisis. She has done conflict resolution and support in many crisis areas. She has been a volunteer in different projects in Africa, South America, ex-Yugoslavia and Denmark.

In Denmark and Ukraine she created a trauma training for veterans and spouses and was part of creating a veteran center in Kiev, Ukraine. She is the co-author of the book “Resources in coping with shock” with Merete Holm Brantbjerg. She has attended many various conferences and she has made a presentation of Bodynamic’s trauma experience in European trauma conference in Edinburg, in the International Scientific Committee (for Psycho-Corporal Psychotherapy) São Paulo 2005, in the conference for Shock and Trauma in Netherlands 2010 and at The Body Psychotherapy conference in Krakow, Poland 2017. She also has done presentations in various college and universities in US, Greece, Canada, Poland, Brasil and Ukraine.