Practitioner Training Edmonton 2021-2024

Coming back to North America for the first time in 24 years!!!
Starting September 8, 2021

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to be part of the North American renaissance and become a Bodynamic practitioner and therapist.

(Note: Foundation or Healing Developmental Disruptions is a prerequisite/corequisite to take part in the Practitioner training.)

Enrollment for the program is now closed.

This is a training to become a professional certified Bodynamic Body Psychotherapist.

This training is already being integrated and used also in other forms of psychotherapy, all kinds of bodywork, social work, business consulting, mental health and care professionals who want to expand their knowledge and precision by learning the muscles coding system.

This training has being qualified in Denmark through Reflektor, a company that evaluates and analyzes the professional standards in the public and private sector to assure and create better quality for the health sector and holds to the standards that are required by EABP (European Association of Body Psychotherapy).

Topics covered in the Practitioner training:

  • In depth coverage of all 11 Ego Functions and their sub functions

  • Further deepening of the 21 developmental positions and 7 character structures + Perinatal and Adolescence and Puberty

  • The 5 Ego Aspects and how to work with them

  • The Full Bodyknot and how it facilitates building an Observing Ego

  • Learn to read and analyze the whole Bodymap

    • Identify resources
    • Identify Trauma
    • Formulate a therapy plan
  • The F8 model on Group Dynamics ( the 8 group functions are similar to ego functions)

  • The jukebox layer model of macro to micro issues in society

  • Conflict resolution & negotiation

  • How to do Bodynamic therapy

  • Trans-marginal effects – flipping to extremes under stress

  • Basics in how to touch and sense hypo, and hyper muscles

  • Demo sessions by instructors

  • Practice sessions done in triads

  • Intro to Ditte’s Bodyreading. Learn how to interpret holding patterns, gait, twists and asymmetries in body posture.

  • Learn how to use Body reading in therapy

  • Learn basic understanding around Developmental Trauma, Shock trauma and PTSD/ Complex PTDS

  • Adolescence and puberty as a developmental stage – core decisions, prefrontal cortex conscious identity formation

  • Personal life history and environmental/societal impacts on development

  • Psychopathology from a Bodynamic perspective – Narcissism and Borderline Personality Disorder

  • Lisbeth’s famous Energy Exercises: ex. center line breathing

  • “Hands On” – Bodynamic massage techniques

During this 3-year Bodynamic’s Practitioner training you will be taught and experience through bodywork the way we function in our ego skills through our body and which muscles in our body are:

  • supporting us in our ability to hold our position
  • stand our ground
  • stay connected
  • develop our cognitive abilities
  • having the ability to step forward with our personality
  • be able to built up and master our energy
  • hold our space
  • sense our gender and bring it forward
  • being able to sense our self-worth, self-esteem and self-confidence and to live from it
  • keep the social balance in contact with others
  • develop the ability to create contact

All these skills are not developed through the mind into the body, but through our body into the mind. We grasp before we understand.

In our development we meet the external world through our senses and our emotions and by mirroring adult people around us and we do that through movement. This is called the “Body Ego” in Bodynamic. While we develop our cognitive skills, our muscles grow with neurofeedback from our experiences.  So depending on our experiences we create a deep coding system in our muscle tissues that can lead to closed or open coding.

In the practitioner training we are teaching functional anatomy combined with the ego functions. We will explore the information of the different psychological and anatomical functions for 125 muscles. All the muscles are supporting specific anatomic functions and are directly connected to our psychological abilities. For example without erector spinae we would not be able to stand as a human being and in the psychological aspect it is a muscle that supports our ability to hold our position in this world. It does the same function both anatomically and psychologically.

Through the ways we are met in our life we learn to defend our dignity and our mutual connection by fighting or giving up, in the hope that we can preserve as much contact as possible and lose our self as little as possible. Also, most of the times, in a family there are ego skills that are never taught to the young members. This creates a unique mosaic in our body of hyper, hypo and neutral response muscles.  In the training you will learn to read full bodymaps. This will give you the ability to meet your clients with more precision and support the specific areas of your clients ego function that needs to be developed, strengthened or become more flexible.

Among other things you will also be taught and experience group dynamics, techniques of conflict resolution, skills of active hearing and mechanisms of creative dialogue

To learn more about the Trainers please visit the About section on our website.

Practitioner Training Outline

5 x 5 day modules a year for 3 years
Total = 75 days

Classes are from 10am – 6pm every day.

1st Year

2nd Year

3rd Year

Additional Training Details:


Module 11: Psychomotoric Exam

Module 14: Test Reading/Analyzing Exam & Therapy Aquarium Exam

Written Assignments:

End of 1st year: Life Story paper

End of 3rd year: Own Therapy Story (300 Euros)

Before 2 years after Module 15: Client Thesis (400 Euros + 2 x supervision fee for oral exam)

Registration Details:

Contact Jonathan Zerbin at to register for the training or any general questions.

Payment Options:

Contact Arijana Lukic at for questions regarding payment.

Yearly payment of $5,000 CAD payable by the following dates:

  • August 8th 2021
  • May 7th, 2022
  • July 15th, 2023

Total =$15,000 CAD

Or Monthly payment plan:

  • $750 CAD Deposit upon registration by June 8th 2021
  • $403.85 CAD/month for 39 months
  • 1st payment Aug 20th, 2021
  • Last payment Oct 20th, 2024

Total = $16,500 CAD


Module 1 will be held online via Zoom due to Covid travel restrictions.

Training Venue location for Modules 2 – 15 (In person): Sandman Signature Edmonton South Hotel, 10111 Ellerslie Rd SW, Edmonton, AB T6X 0J3, Canada

Venue is a 15minute drive from the Edmonton International Airport

Venue website: