Main teacher Lisbeth Marcher
Co-teacher Teresa for example

In Lisbon, Portugal 🇵🇹

Time: 10.00-17.00

Max 24 participants.

Jan 25 to 29, 2023

May 4 – 7, 2023

What is it the Reorienting birth about?

Birth is a beautiful and complicated time that can make a deep imprint in a person and his or her development that influences daily life. In this training, you will learn about the different kinds of imprints and in what stage of birth that kind of imprint would be most visible.

We see imprint as a behaviour, emotional and a thought pattern that a person has and experiences as if he or she has no control over. Some imprints are constructive and some are not constructive. In this training, we will focus on both, how it should be and what happens when things go wrong in different birth stages and how to change it.

Some examples of imprint are having the sense of:

• I can never come through,
• I never have enough time,
• When things happen, it’s never on the right time,
• When I’m in high stress, I work a lot, but then I get a flue, cannot do more and  I end up with not completing the task.

Negative imprint has to do with different birth stages. In these 2 modules you will learn what part of birth it is connected to and how to change it.

The 6 stages of birth are:

1. Start – the time before (a week before)
2. Soft Birth – first stage labour; the stage of expansion.
3. Transition Stage – transition between first-stage labour pains and second labours pains, which moves the uterus in different ways.
4. Hard Labour – second labour pains
5. Delivery
6. The First Days After – just after the delivery and days after birth.

The teacher will provide demonstrations of every stage and the students will practice on each other, supervised by the teachers.

As well there will be time to exchange the experience and get more insight about the practicalities in reorienting birth (or parts of it).

And last but not least, in this training you will get information about how to work with pregnant clients and about pregnancy.

Other relevant information:

In order to complete the training, you will have to do rebirth in groups of at least of 5 people, before the last module in November.  It will require for you to meet at least one whole day to do this.

Each member has to complete full redoing of the birth and when necessary get supervision through Skype by Lisbeth Marcher on specific time, agreed between the group participants and Lisbeth Marcher. (there are no extra costs added for it).

What is the goal?

The goal of this training that after completing it you are able to work around the issue of redoing birth with your clients or redoing some parts of the birth. You will  to recognise what patterns of imprint, behaviour and thought are connected to different stages of birth.

For whom?

It is for Bodynamic therapists and professional psychotherapist. Physical therapist that work with psychosomatic issues, psychiatrists or psychologist, also having practice in working with clients.

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