Full Bodymap Training in 2021

Part of becoming a Bodynamic Analyst, is being able to do precise regressive work into deep early issues with your clients. In this training you will be able to understand the evidence based and unique knowledge from within each of the muscles, group of muscles and their functions and how to use it in your work.

This training will enable you to work in a more structured and long-term way with a client and travel through doors in the inner space that lies ahead of consciousness, giving the client a greater understanding of forgotten potentials, patterns and reactions, and seeing how it changes with time.

• Do you encounter clients where you need to pay special attention to PTSD?
• Do you encounter a functioning client who has chaos underneath?
• Do you encounter someone who has diffuse stress?
• Do you have a client with permanent physical injury / injury and need to strengthen equivalent alternative skills?

Full Bodymap will provide the opportunity to find forgotten resources through the path of chaos and trauma work. During the weekends, the individual muscle’s anatomical location, movement, function and testing is presented and trained, as well as the individual participant’s ability to sense, assess and decide the test response.

There will also be time for deepening test reading, learning in the presentation of tests for a client, how to use it and introduction in hands on for therapists.

Trainer: Lene Wisbom
Certified Bodynamic Analyst & Psychomotoric, Member of Danish Psychotherapy Union + EABP. Co-director and International senior teacher in Bodynamic International ApS.

Admission demands: You can only attend if you have passed the exams from Practitioner training and in process of writing your thesis and being in ongoing Bodynamic therapy and supervision.

Application form

The education: 4 modules (4×4 days) in a year – see more PDF file

Dates in Hørsholm, Denmark – postponed due to Covid 19: Feb. 11-14, 2021, August 12-15, 2021, September 2-5, 2021 and October 12-16, 2021 (exam)
English with translation into German

Number of participants: between 8 – 16
For more information please email: info@bodynamic.dk