EABP 2018 – Berlin

Bodynamic Workshops Sept 6-9, 2018

Dependencies and Independence – cancelled

In the individualistic valued part of the world we live in, it is a challenge to feel deeply connected. It is a presumption which many have, that in order to have deep connection one has to be dependent and at the same time dependency seems like a bad thing. For the therapist, it is a challenge when their client strives for independence and at the same time that client cannot connect deeply.

How can one differentiate between deep connection and independence? How do you combine the two? Through lecture and bodywork we will go on a journey through these themes.

Presented by:

Lisbeth Marcher is the Founder of Bodynamic System and a former president of EABP. She has worked in her 50 year career with children, grown ups, management and people in psychiatric institutions. L. Marcher has taught in different universities around the world. Now she is the head of the Bodynamic education.

The Shy Moments – cancelled

What is it that happens with us when we get wet hands, red cheeks, a little foggy in our heads? Or get all pale, chills and feel so wrong? In this workshop you will get to know how to use these moments as a resource in our everyday life and how important it is to address it with our clients.  The Bodynamic method will be used to address these questions, through theory and practice.

Presented by:

Lene Wisbom – Senior teachers worldwide at all levels in Bodynamic International ApS., Publisher of Bodynamic Books, written several manuals and revised all other manuals used in the educations. Member of the board and planning team in Bodynamic, Member of the Danish Psychotherapist Association since 2001 and EABP since 2012. info@bodynamic.dk  

Hadi Bahlawan Marcher  – 3rd generation of Bodynamic, which was created by his grandmother Lisbeth Marcher,
co-owner, board member and International teacher of Bodynamic. Pedagogue for people with different psychiatric diagnosis and body psychotherapist.

Awakening the Body Ego

In this workshop we want to gain a stronger access to our bodily resources through our own specific and personal sensations and movements, in order to experience our Body Ego more directly and joyfully.

To this end I will introduce you to the Bodynamic model of Ego Aspects: a model that has the Body Ego at its core which is the „carrier“ of all our self related body experiences as well as of our emotions.

Bit by bit we have been losing the natural capacity to sense our bodies as we were conditioned by the society around us. To disregard, devalue and mistrust our own bodily sensations as well as through painful traumatic experiences. The consequence is a fundamental alienation from ourselves and from others.

In the course of this workshop we will do specific exercises to reawaken the natural joy and forces of self regulation of our Body Ego.

Presented by:

Michael Rupp is a licensed psychotherapist working in private practice in Munich, Germany.  He is a Bodynamic therapist, supervisor and is part of the international trainer team of Bodynamic and has been teaching in Germany, Russia and Brasil. In the past he has also worked as a social pedagogue and therapist  as well as notably a facilitator for 2 pedagogic Healing Centers for children.

Blossoming Synapses (theory/practice workshop)

This is a workshop focused on connectedness as a vital force of life. We will experience different types of connection, through breathing, body movement- dance and creative expression. Training ourselves in mutual connection with dignity, in life and in therapy, we develop skills and resources to deal with alienation. The dynamic of connectedness is the source of co-creating new synapses with ourselves, others and cosmos.

Presented by:

Xanthippi Svolopoulou, M.A in literature & History, University of Athens & Paris Ill, N. Sorbonne. Biosynthesis body psychotherapist & Bodynamic practitioner. Student of L. Marcher in Rebirth & D. Marcher in PTSD I, Archetypes. Trained in Art-Dance Therapy, Psychoanalysis & Education. 20 years teacher of literature (Experimental Music High School) & psychosomatic education facilitator for adolescents.

Christina Samara, M.A in Education, San Francisco State University & Bodynamic Practitioner. Trained in peak performance, dance, holistic health & reiki. An instructional designer & TV producer in programs for children, adults, companies. Designer & facilitator of preschoolers programs incorporating elements of body psychotherapy.