Online Bodynamic eLearning Courses

Boundaries & Energy Management

The following ecourse is about differentiating and developing better skills around Boundaries and Energy Management. Boundaries and Energy Management are two of eleven Ego Functions part of the Bodynamic system. They are taught together in this ecourse because many people have a hard time differentiating between them.

The ecourse is composed of a few introductory videos and thirteen exercise videos with guided instruction that you can do yourself in order to gain better skills at building boundaries and managing energy and emotions.


Six guided exercise videos:

  1. Skin Boundary
  2. Leg lift and kick
  3. Forward knee extension “my thing”
  4. Social Space, kick
  5. Deltoids; “This, Is, My Space.”
  6. Yarn Boundary

Energy Management

Seven guided exercise videos:

  1. Side Rib-cage breathing
  2. Neck movements
  3. Boucning at the knees
  4. Self Containment – Pushing outwards with knees
  5. Lats & Traps – Activate & Hold, back ball hold, hold lats self
  6. Two corks- teeth clenching
  7. Diaphragm breathing

Take the ecourse with you and practice guided exercises at any time on any device.

Boundaries & Energy Management

  • 18 Videoer
  • 13 guided video exercises
  • Takes about 90 minutes to complete