Bodymap Test & Interpretation

januar 1st, 2022|Bodymap|

A central hypothesis in Bodynamic Analysis concerns the time period in which individual muscles come under voluntary control. There is observed to be a critical time period in which they acquire an imprint. This imprint is not simply about physical strength or kinesthetic ability. It concerns the psychological content or issue associated with the activity or function of this muscle. Thus the muscle encodes or "remembers" what happened in the emotional/ psychological environment in the time period in which it came under conscious control. 

Det kræver mod at være med blufærdigheden

januar 1st, 2022|General Psychology|

It Takes Courage to Stay in the Shy Moments By Hadi Bahlawan Marcher  and Lene Wisbom A man enters a party with many new people. To join in and as an attempt to connect with these unfamiliar people he makes a joke. Everyone stares at him, no one laughs. The joke falls flat because it was loaded with harsh humour and this party was not the best place to share it. [...]

Udviklingstraumer set i Bodynamic perspektiv

januar 1st, 2022|Trauma|

Udviklingstraumer set i Bodynamic perspektiv Af Ditte Marcher og Lene Wisbom, Marts 2020, ©Bodynamic International ApS I Bodynamic skelner vi mellem åbne koder og lukkede koder, Udviklingstraumer, PTSD og Complex PTSD. Alle disse elementer er noget der kan ses i en Bodymap, som vil blive beskrevet længere inde i artiklen. Adfærden for åben kodning er, at vi laver en handling, hvorefter vi hurtigt bliver bevidst om den handling vi har gjort. En lukket kodning [...]

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