Destructive shame vs Good shame

Online training via Zoom
Dates: October 9, 10 & 11,  2020

A training with Ditte Marcher about: How to bring shame into the therapy room.

  • How to move destructive shame into good shame?
  • How are we able to through shame release, re-orient, forgive and move on?
  • How through the good shame can we bring dignity back?
  • How do we learn to stay with shame and give space and meet it?
  • How do we support the client with their shame?
  • How are we able to deal with our own shame?

In this workshop we will investigate and experience all these topics through lectures, body-work, demos and other practical exercises.

The good shame is a very important emotion, that gives us the opportunity for creating the ability for deep change. We need the good shame in the world to avoid destructive shame or shamelessness.

Like a Phoenix, through the good shame, we will rise up from the ashes with more Dignity, Connectedness and new Opportunities.

This is a 3 day workshop that will take place in Zoom.

Dates: 9th to 11th of October 2020
Hours: Friday 5.00pm to 9.00pm Danish time
Saturday and Sunday 10.00am to 5.00pm Danish time
1 hour lunch
Price: 299 euro

Ditte Marcher has been the CEO of Bodynamic for many years and now she is director of the board in Bodynamic. She is senior teacher and has worked with conflict resolutions in Denmark and abroad. She is the creator of “Shock trauma training for veterans”, has worked with young criminals, refugees among other things.For many years she has been interested in what “Good shame” could do for our ability to regain Dignity and Connectedness.

Max 35 participants 
Language: English 
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