How to work with the mind when the body has given up

November 10 – 13, 2022

4 days zoom workshop with Ditte Marcher for all therapists

10:00 – 17:00 CET with 90 mins lunch break on 13:00

Here are some of the topics that will be addressed during this workshop:

  • Do you find yourself drained when you work with people that are in depression?
  • Do you have a tendency of falling into hopelessness and losing your own power?
  • Do you have an underlying irritation or frustration in relation with depressed clients?
  • Are you sitting with the experience “I wish this session would finish soon”?
  • Are you fighting to not fall asleep during a session with a depressed client, or are you wanting to lean forward and shake them, or perhaps are you trying to save them?
  • Do you start to question your own skills?

During this workshop we will focus on how to reorient in specific character structures. In Bodynamic terms there are themes connected with behavior patterns that were created in specific developmental stages. In this workshop you will learn how to reestablish hope for the the client and how to stay present in  yourself in the therapy room with a depressed client, instead of going into your own defense like trying to rescue the client and using too much effort to save them, for example from the performance defense.

At the workshop you will be taught how to support people to get out of the “black hole” by using movements into the mind – and mind into movements. Learn how to use cognitive skills to wake up the body.

As well we will explore what is best way of supporting the client to stay in the here and now, so there is a possibility to be able to move forward instead of falling backwards.

All of the above will be taught with lectures, small group exercises, demos, some supervision where you have the option to bring forward some of your own clients. We will also explore specific body exercises with focus on hypo-tense muscles.

If you are training in the Bodynamic Practitioner Training, this masterclass will count for eight hours of group supervision.

Early bird price 400 euro until September 1, 2022
Normal price 600 euro

To register please contact Yorgos Piadits at