Becoming a Bodynamic Practitioner, Therapist, Analyst and Supervisor

Along with the completion of attendance to our course of studies, foundation and practitioner training, you need to successfully pass 7 exams and have done at least the hours of therapy and supervision as described below:

•  The 7 exams:


1: Foundation – answer 100 questions test with a minimum score of 70/100


2: Own Life story

3: Psycho motor anatomy exam 4: Full Bodymap reading exam 5: Aquarium exam

At this level, you are Bodynamic Practitioner and get a proof of participation.

6: Self-therapy thesis – within ½ year after

7: Client thesis with video supervision* – within 2 years after

The specifics for the final thesis are given to you from your coordinator at the beginning of the 3rd year of the practitioner training. Payment for 6 + 7 is not part of the tuition fee. The cost of 6 is currently 250 Euro and 7 is currently 300 Euro + the fee for Supervisor and examiner attending the oral exam – stipulated in the thesis paper. These costs are fixed for up to 2 years after finishing the education.

After that you will have to check with your coordinator for the current costs. A Bodynamic therapist also must have the acquired hours of both Therapy and Supervision described later.

At this level, you are a Bodynamic Therapist and get a diploma.

Hours of therapy and supervision: as described in the studies outline:

Inside the education are:

Total hours (45 min) of therapy during Foundation is 45 and during Practitioner is 109. Total hours (45 min) of supervision during Foundation is 37 and during practitioner 121. Outside the trainings the summary is minimum of hours needed,

Therapy hours:                      80 x 45 min

  • at least 20% has to be in person not online, dispensation can be given per case Supervision hours: 80 x 45 min
  • can all be
  • If you participate in a supervision group and you present a case it counts as a supervision hour, plus an supervision hour for attending in the group.

If you don’t present a case you get only one supervision hour.

Clarifications of Therapy and supervision hours:

Individual Therapy is carried out by an educational therapist and must be at least 80 sessions (each 45 minutes) – and they can be taken individually or in groups. At least 60 sessions must be taken as your own individual therapy (can be done in groups) and 20 sessions can be attendance in others having individual therapy in group.

These therapy sessions must be done with an educational therapist, assigned to your training from Bodynamic International.

In Bodynamic it is recommended to have 90 minutes’ therapy sessions that count as 2 therapy hours. The same applies for supervision hours.

Supervision is carried out by an educational supervisor approved by the Bodynamic International. Ideally, the supervisor is not a teacher in training, but this requirement, we cannot always respond fully.

The student must receive a minimum of 80 sessions (1 session = 45 minutes).

Basic rule is that you must have 60 sessions of your own cases supervised. At least 20 of the sessions with the supervisor alone, at least 40 sessions in small groups (2-4 participants).

Therapy/ supervision previously received from another approach: If you already have therapy and/or supervision hours from another approach, then you need to ask your main teacher of your Practitioner training. If the teacher decides to count these hours, then maximum of 25% of the summary that is 20 therapy/supervision hours from another approach could count in the summary.

Video Supervision: is part and prerequisite for your final assignment. It is 3 clock hours of supervision specifically about the client you will make your final thesis. You need to record 2 clock hours of sessions in video of you working with the specific client, give it to your supervisor and do 3 supervision hours about it. This is prerequisite for 7. Final assignment.

Educational Therapist

You can be appointed by Bodynamic International as Educational Therapist up to Practitioner level of a specific training if you are a Bodynamic Therapist with a diploma and agree to our requirements such as:

  • In the sessions with your students you use Bodynamic only and no other method you know
  • For the students you get supervision with a Bodynamic
  • Attending in any updates for practitioners that take
  • Be a ABP member

To be educational therapist for Analyst level, you have to be Bodynamic Therapist and Analyst

– always be a level higher than the client/student.

Bodynamic Analyst:

After becoming a Bodynamic Therapist you can continue developing in Bodynamic and become a Bodynamic Analyst.

The Specialist Trainings (previously called Master Classes) you need to finish are: 1: Shock Trauma Process Training for Professionals, 6 x 5 days

2: Full Bodymap – 4 x 4 days (max 10 participants) – 3 x 5 days + 1 x 4 days (if more than 10) Test exam at the end of the training.

Prerequisite: You can only attend if you have passed all 6 exams from Practitioner training and being in ongoing Bodynamic therapy and supervision.

3: Reorienting Birth for professionals – 4 days + 4 days supervision follow up. (Previously called Rebirthing for Professionals)

Bodynamic Supervisor – Bodynamic educational Supervisor

A Bodynamic Therapist or in process of writing the Client Thesis can attend the training to become supervisor in Bodynamic. You also need to attend Bodynamic supervision as a supervisor.

To be educational supervisor for Practitioner level, you have to be Bodynamic Therapist and taken the Bodynamic Supervision education.

To be educational supervisor for Analyst level, you have to be Bodynamic Therapist and Analyst and taken the Bodynamic Supervision education – always be a level higher than the client/student.

Bodynamic is an accredited member of the Danish Association of Psychotherapy.

There we have committed ourselves to follow certain standards for educational therapist, supervisors and teacher’s in Bodynamic and you have to be member of ABP (Association of Bodynamic Psychology).

It is required to have ongoing therapy and supervision (60 hours of supervision a year) – this can both be with a supervisor and colleague supervision.

Attending conferences related to Body Psycho Therapy or Psychotherapy, updating yourself by reading articles, new books and researches and having your own business as therapist.

Teacher training and assistant roles

Upon signing a teaching contract with Bodynamic International, you embark on a journey through our teacher program. This program comprises several levels of engagement and responsibility, each offering valuable opportunities for growth and development.

  1. Pre-Teacher Level:
    • At the initial stage of your training, you assume the role of a pre-teacher. In this capacity, your role involves assisting in the training process by performing various tasks. You will also be responsible for taking comprehensive notes and evaluating the training module alongside the primary teacher.
  2. Co-Teacher Level:
    • The next phase of the program elevates you to the role of a co-teacher. In this capacity, you will be tasked with teaching certain segments of the modules. This includes teaching both under the direct supervision of the main teacher and, at times, independently, without the main teacher’s presence.
  3. Teacher Level:
    • After successfully completing your co-teacher role, you will advance to become a fully qualified teacher. This status grants you the authority to independently teach the course and mentor pre-teachers during their training.
  4. Senior Teacher Status:
    • Our highest level, senior teacher, is reserved for those with a wealth of experience, boasting a minimum of 10+ years in teaching. Candidates for senior teacher status are carefully evaluated by the Bodynamic International board, in consultation with the senior teacher team. This evaluation process considers your extensive experience and exceptional teaching skills.

Assistant Role

Individuals who have previously completed specific training programs such as foundation, practitioner, or chock-trauma and wish to deepen their understanding of the content have the opportunity to participate in the module as an assistant. This role offers a more profound learning experience for those eager to expand their knowledge.

As an assistant, you will actively contribute to the module by assisting with practical tasks and providing valuable support.

To apply for the assistant role, interested individuals should send an email to Bodynamic International, with the local coordinator in their respective country included as a cc. The final decision regarding the approval of the application will be made by Bodynamic International after a comprehensive dialogue with the local coordinator and the teacher team.

It’s important to note that the assistant role is separate from enrollment in the Bodynamic Teacher Program. However, it offers a valuable learning opportunity for anyone seeking to enhance their expertise in the field.