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Attachment & Character Structure

In this new e-course you will learn about the Bodynamic way of working with attachment. Here the focus lies on the later developmental stages and not so much the earlier ones. By combining the ego aspects, character structures and ego functions in the attachment theme it will be more clear on how to work with the attachment dynamic inside your self as well as with clients. Here you will learn theory and exercises that give options on how to support and work on attachment related challenges.

The three stages of development covered in the e-course are Autonomy (age 8 months -> 2.5 years), Will (age 2 -> 4 years) and Love/Sexuality (age 3 -> 6 years). The exercises are derived from from working with following ego functions most relevant to the attachment theme namely, Connectedness, Centering and Interpersonal Skills.

Do you or your clients have any of the following issues?


  • How to keep my impulses while being in relationship to others?
  • How to know what help is, ask for it by reaching out, and taking it in?
  • How to commit deeply?


  • Keeping my own power while attached to others?
  • Ability to differentiate between Intention & Action
  • The ability to deal with Choices & Consequences


  • Integrating the connection between Heart and Genitals
  • Differentiate between giving from the heart vs. giving the heart away

The guided video exercises will empower you and your clients to resolve attachment issues arising from these three developmental stages.

eCourse Format

Follow along step by step through a simple and guided format.

Mark each video you watch as “complete” to track your progress towards the end of the course and make sure you don’t miss any valuable content.

Take the ecourse with you and practice guided exercises at any time on any device.

Attachment & Character Structure

  • 11 Videos
  • 4 guided video exercises
  • Takes about 45 minutes to complete
  • Lifetime Access