The Bodynamic System is in a state of constant evolution. As more research in attachment and neuroscience comes out the system and teachings continuously change to include the latest findings. This adds immeasurable depth. While the Bodynamic system offers many answers that have vexed our understanding of the roots of human behavior there remain many questions that are still unanswered. As such the potential exists to spur the creation of many additional research projects and arrive at new understandings.

While models are great at helping understand the frames of reference of our own psychological makeup, the real lifeblood of the Bodynamic system is in direct experience. The fundamental purpose of the Bodynamic system is to lead people to a greater embodied experience of themselves by developing and/or unlocking innate resources in the human body. The theory is no good unless it can create meaningful change in our felt experience. This felt experience is the empirical bedrock that grounds the more mental abstractions and understandings. Too much of modern psychology is insight driven. You may come to a new understanding of why you feel or behave in a certain way, but this in most cases does not lead to newer psychological capacities and abilities to feel and operate functionally different.

Most modern psychology is driven by the philosophy that if you just have greater insight and understanding you can make better choices. While this can be true, it is not the aim of the Bodynamic System. The Bodynamic system teaches new abilities that act more like implicit tools that create new base emotional capacities and capabilities that lead to new senses of internal confidences that were almost impossible to imagine before. This fundamentally pushes the boundaries on what is thought possible in terms of direct human experience.